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for JK Dental Group

JK Dental Group is leading digital dentistry and providing the most innovative and technologically advanced solutions to doctors. As they are expanding the size of business from surgical instruments to high-end products such as digital dentistry and regenerative products, I was tasked to find solutions to help their growth.

First things first, I started learning about JK Dental Group and doctors by interviewing the client and doctors and joining seminars.

Through the research I was able to define few problems.

Based on this, I tried to find solutions to help them to elevate the user experience.

Since JK Dental Group offers a wide spectrum of products, I’ve designed the main page by classifying the product category so we can let user clearly understand JK's products. I’ve also designed and developed responsiveness across the devices because I noticed from the research that over 85% of targeted users are using mobile and tablet.

I have placed the testimonial videos on top of each product pages to increase the brand trust. Also, short specs chart allows users to quickly grasp the differences between each models before jumping to respective product model detail page.

To generate leads to the profitible high-end products I wanted the website to deliver an elevated corporate brand identity. Because of the budget limitation JK Dental Group didn’t proceed to the rebranding phase but I have provided the basic guidelines to maintain the quality of the website.

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