Reimagined Online Jewelry Shopping

for Dani and The Rings

Whatever your knowledge of jewelry is, choosing the right jewelry for you or your partner is a difficult and time-consuming shopping process.

I have driven myself to develop a digital solution to provide a unique user journey. The goal was to attract the new generation of tech-savvy online shoppers on the hunt for jewelry by elevating the online shopping experience.

By conducting user research I’ve learned that the active age groups are the 20s and 30s. Unexpectedly, there were more than 45% of male customers. To reach broader range of market I wanted to embrace the male customers as well. Starting from the insight, I identified two scenarios which have different needs and I developed the following with focus:

I noticed from the user interview that users in scenario 1 tended to be window shoppers. At this point I wanted to design unique user expreience for users in scenario 2 because they have the purchasing power.

The floating search action button lets the system understand users’ preferences such as styles, budget, and types. By listing products that are the taste of users, we can expect higher chance to lead the purchase.

A button of ‘try how it looks’ was expected to cover the weakness of e-commerce. Users can virtually check how the product fits on them. By showing users actual look we can engage with users.

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