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for Heybnb

Heybnb is a website that helps tourists to find a lodging including apartments, homestays, or hotel rooms. Whether traveling for business or leisure, customers can instantly book their ideal accommodation quickly and easily. Since Heybnb was the late coming in the online hospitality booking service, the client was struggling to achieve new users and engage current users.

It was one of the problems that Heybnb didn’t have a visual brand voice. So, I developed a bold visual identity by expressing the brand’s user-centric approach to be successfully positioned in the market.

Logo & Illustration / Iconography


Visual identity in use

"We want to attract more new users while better engaging existing ones."

Through the stakeholder interview, I've noticed that there were problems that need to be solved: poor customer loyalty and new user registration rate.

To solve the problems I started with the scenarios.

With the scenarios, I identified user personas which have different needs and different goals.

Keys things I learned from the interviews are

Here's the quote from the conversation I had that's pretty interesting.

"The spreadsheet is good enough to manage the reservations."

Through the research, I've learned that designing based on the user interface of the spreadsheet was important to achieve better product familiarity for the host users.

Based on the ideation, I listed all the interactions that take place when the users use the schedule sheet.

With all these results, I decided to move on to designing mockups and prototyping process. I put the dates horizontally and room lists vertically so it effectively shows the whole status on one page.

And many lodgings provide shared rooms that accommodate multiple guests in a room. I noticed that each room type—the shared room and the single room—needed different design cues to provide clear guest information. I conducted user observation study to find out how they originally manage their guests. The result was simple iconography that quickly communicates information including the number of guests or the check-in & out dates.

Also, by using the pop-up style for each date inspired by the insert note feature from the Spreadsheet, I was able to put all of the editing and adding interactions.

After reviewing the mockup and prototype with our team and developer, I made minor changes and moved on to the visual design and development phases.

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