Onestop platform for Brand and E-Commerce

for BFA Garden

BFA is a horticultural company located in Korea that provides home gardening product in 45 branch stores nationwide as well as more than 50 stores in Korea. Over the 22 years, BFA has been digging into only the corporate customers market. As changing their marketplace, they are now extending on the on-offline market for individual customers by launching an online brand Fresh Garden and Garden Cafe.

In the middle of transferring the marketplace from corporate customer to individual customers, the goal of this project was to build an online space that can build BFAs' corporate identity and e-commerce brand of Fresh Garden.

To know what was going wrong, I analyzed how users are flowing to the current website.

Through the stakeholder interview and based on analysis of the current website, I identified that the company information assets categorized by clients needed to be re-classify to let users clearly understand what the BFA and Fresh Garden are.

As I and the client were on separate continents and time zones, we did all the process completely remotely. So I started A/B testings first to quickly see which of the tests would be key factors in yielding higher conversion rates by holding brainstormings, capturing everything from the minuscule including tweaking colors and updating site copy to the larger and more fundamental overhauls such as reimagining the user journey.

Based on the A/B testing I built following two main key strategies.

After a month of this project, I was able to get the following result.

200% increased total pageview.
33.21% decreased main page exit user behavior.
12.33 hour increased Avg. time on page.

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